Verses 5:106-108
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Author:  Index [ 07 Jun 2009, 05:01 ]
Post subject:  Verses 5:106-108

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Author:  Linguistic [ 22 Dec 2013, 21:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Verses 5:106-108

I suggest,

{5:106} O you who have believed, testimony between you when death has arrived to one of you, at the time of bequest, [should be taken from] two with fairness from among you or two other from [people] other than you, if you had ventured in the land and the disaster of death hit you. Detain the two of them after the prayer and let the two of them swear by God, if you doubt [their testimony, saying], "We would not purchase with it (our oath) a price, even if he had been of kinship, and we do not suppress the testimony to God. Verily, we would then surely be of the sinful."

{5:107} And if it is discovered that the two of them have merited a sin (of perjury), then two others are to stand in their stead, out of those whom the more deserving two have sought the right [to testimony to the will] ahead of them. And the two of them are to swear by God, "Our testimony is more worthy than their testimony, and we have not transgressed. Verily, we would then surely be of the wrongdoers."

{5:108} That is closer to them giving testimony at its face [value], or that they would fear that [other] oaths might be brought back after their oaths. And watch out for God and listen; and God does not guide the deviant folk.

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