سميع /sæ,mi:ʕ/
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Author:  Linguistic [ 19 Jun 2010, 19:02 ]
Post subject:  سميع /sæ,mi:ʕ/

This word is mentioned in the Quran plenty as an attribute of God. It literally means "one who hears it all and hears it well." Translators have suggested "Hearing", "All-Hearing", and "Hearer".

"Hearing" is nowadays used for events, as in Congressional hearings. Besides, it's understating for our purpose of translating an attribute of God. "All-Hearing" is very good. "Hearer" is best, as it is closest to the Arabic, but it's not used in everyday language much. I've used "much Hearer."

There is a difference between to hear and to listen. This is illustrated by two common expressions, "you hear but you don't listen!" and "you're listening but you don't hear!" the former means "your ears are functioning properly but you're not paying attention to what is said" and the latter means "you are paying attention but you did not get anything of what you're listening to."

I'm leaning toward "All-Hearing" but open to suggestions.

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