Did 9:84 abrogate 9:103?
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Author:  Linguistic [ 17 Aug 2010, 21:19 ]
Post subject:  Did 9:84 abrogate 9:103?

Al-Khazraji, in is book نفس الصباح في غريب القرآن وناسخه ومنسوخه, volume 1, page 393, reports that Makki said that some scholars claimed that

was abrogated by

Makki disagreed and said that the meaning of وصل عليهم in 9:103 is "supplicate for them", them being the three Muslims who evaded the battle of Tabook and were boycotted by Muslims until God pardoned them.

I agree with Makki about his interpretation of the clause وصل عليهم, but respectfully disagree that 9:103 is specific to three evaders. IMHO, judging by its context, it is general for all hypocrites. The instructions in these two verses are general; they are not tied to their circumstances of revelation (أسباب النزول).

Verse 9:84 is categorical for all Muslims while 9:103 is categorical for the hypocrites among them. Indeed, we know from the Hadeeth that the prophet, peace be upon him, would not pray the funeral prayer on some Muslims and ask others to do so. That is how Muslims knew for the first time which fellow Muslims were hypocrites, since the Prophet (PBUH) never divulged their names except to Huzhayfa ibn Al-Yamaan and had him promise him to keep their names a secret.

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An-Nahhaas (implied),

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