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Author:  Linguistic [ 15 Aug 2010, 22:27 ]
Post subject:  Bookmarks

This is simply a pointer to topics and/or posts that I refer to often so I can easily find them.

» Index of all posts discussing verses claimed abrogated by the sword verse.

» Index of topics discussing all other abrogation claims.

» List of less often cited abrogation claims despite their merit.

» Lists of abrogation claims involving doubtful narrations, conflicting reports, majority objection, etc.

» Validation rules.

» Revelation order.

» The "Big Three": 8:66/8:65, 58:13/58:12 and 73:20/73:1-4.

» Time line of scholars who wrote about abrogation.

» Scholars quotes stating the burden of proof.

» Scholars who rejected the abrogation doctrine.

» Key questions.

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