Missing abrogation claims
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Author:  Linguistic [ 27 Dec 2015, 03:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Missing abrogation claims

These two verses have been misunderstood by many,

as they seem to imply that all people will first go to the hellfire, then God removes the believers from it.

If that were the correct interpretation, then those verses will be in direct contradiction to these verses,

which clearly tells that the most pious will be averted from the hellfire. And that would cause pro-abrogation folks to think that one of the two sets of verses may have abrogated the other.

A wrong interpretation is often the reason for many abrogation claims. Verses 19:71-72 do not mean that everyone will go to hell first, but that everyone will be within sight of hell. How do we know that? Because the origin verb of the word واردها has occurred elsewhere in the Quran and meant being within a seeing distance of something, not entering it, e.g.,

in which Moses sees a huge crowd around the main water well of Midian. That proves that he was not at the well but close enough to see it.

Thus, the correct interpretation of 19:71-72, IMHO, is that all will be within a distance from the hellfire enough to see it, then the pious will be moved away from the site, may God make us among those, and only the wrongdoers will be shoved into it.

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