Types of abrogation
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Author:  Pragmatic [ 07 Oct 2017, 04:46 ]
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Linguistic wrote:
`Afaana, in his book الرأي الصواب في منسوخ الكتاب, pages 57-60, discusses the different types of abrogation which he agrees with, as follows:

  1. Verses which were abrogated, but we don't know by what!

    As an example, he cites a narration about the martyrs of the Ma`oona well (بئر معونة). The narration has been authenticated by both Al-Bukhaari and Muslim. It says that Muslims used to recite about those martyrs a verse that said "بلغوا عنا قومنا أنا لقينا ربنا فرضي عنا وأرضانا", which was later lifted. Translation: "Tell our folks for us that we met our Lord and He was happy with us and made us happy."

    Two problems:
    1. This narration is not attributed to the Prophet (PBUH), but to his fellow Anas ibn Maalik (RA),. Therefore, it's his view, not something the Prophet taught, or else he would've said so.
    2. Why would such a verse be abrogated? Has anything in it changed? Has God become unhappy with those martyrs later, God forbid? `Afaana doesn't bother to bring up that point.

I am grateful that this branch of abrogation is outside of our scope, namely the abrogation doctrine.

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