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Author:  Linguistic [ 28 Oct 2017, 22:54 ]
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I'm now reviewing this book by Muhammad Hamza "Studies of rulings and abrogation in the noble Quran",

دراسات الأحكام والنسخ في القرآن الكريم، محمد حمزة، دار قتيبة، دمشق، سوريا، ١٩٧٩م

Author:  Pragmatic [ 31 Oct 2017, 05:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Abrogation bibliography

Linguistic wrote:
I reviewed Dr. Muhammad Al-Bahiyy's book, "The Quran's methodology in developing the society",

منهج القرآن في تطوير المجتمع، دار الفكر للنشر والتوزيع، القاهرة، مصر، ١٩٧٤

The book is not about abrogation per se, but the reader gets the impression that the author rejects abrogation by explaining that the variation between verses claimed abrogated is merely a graduation of legislation.

I started looking at the book, and your characterization is correct. In our terminology, the book is about the dynamic phase of the religion.

However, it seems (not sure as I have just started reading it) that he is justifying abrogation (and also not calling it abrogation) with this approach. I have seen different shades of that approach, where people seem on the fence and are either minimizing or explaining away abrogation.

The key issue has never been abrogation in and of itself, but rather leaving abrogated verses that are not designated as such in the Quranic script. In some sense, Al-Bahiyy's approach is similar to arguing against al-badaa; he concedes the abrogation doctrine but defends the religion from possible attacks that are based on it.

Author:  Pragmatic [ 20 Nov 2017, 07:14 ]
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Linguistic wrote:
this book by renowned contemporary scholar Dr. Abdul-Mun`im An-Nimr, rahimahullah, which discusses the abrogation doctrine among other things,

علوم القرآن الكريم، للدكتور عبد المنعم النمر - نشر دار الكتاب المصري ودار الكتب الإسلامي - الطبعة الثانية ١٤٠٣ هـ - ١٩٨٣م

I got the book. Only the second edition has the abrogation part (the author mentions that in the preface). Abrogation is discussed on pages 183-228.

Al-Nimr's approach is very similar to Hasballah, and cites Zeid a lot. He first argues that the 3 verses that are used to prove abrogation in the Quran (abrogation, substitution, and erasion verses) are about abrogating previous revelations. He cites Hasaballah's arguments but adds very nice points. He then says abrogation in the Quran is conceivable but subject to case-by-case verification, then gives an affirmative example of abrogating not abrogated which is a bit strange given his crisp logic up till that point. He then takes Suyuti's cases and Zeid's cases and settles on one abrgation case which is 4:15-16 being abrogated. Only this case!

I think this is another example of someone who is secretly anti-abrogation but didn't want to to spell out a hard conclusion that will alienate scholars, so he opted for a compromise. He has, however, some daring passages blaming previous scholars for the harm done by invalid abrogation claims.

Author:  Pragmatic [ 22 Nov 2017, 06:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Abrogation bibliography

Linguistic wrote:
I found an extensive bibliography of abrogation books and manuscripts compiled at this site,

Some of the references mentioned there that have not already been mentioned in this topic are,

تفنيد دعوى النسخ في القرآن، جمال البنا، مكتبة الملك فهد بن عبد العزيز، ١٤٢٥هـ

Found an online copy and put it under albanna.pdf (publisher of this edition is دار الشروق not مكتبة الملك فهد). BTW, the author is the younger brother of Hasan Al-Banna, but he seems quite liberal.

Author:  Linguistic [ 27 Feb 2019, 06:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Abrogation bibliography

I learned about an exegesis book that makes some very valuable points that we can use to support several of the arguments we're making. The book is,

تفسير التنوير والتحرير، محمد الطاهر ابن عاشور، الدار التونسية للنشر، تونس، ١٩٨٤م

God willing, I will enter the interesting passages in the proper threads.

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