Verses 96:9-19
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Author:  Index [ 04 Jun 2009, 05:29 ]
Post subject:  Verses 96:9-19

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Author:  Linguistic [ 20 Sep 2009, 14:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Verses 96:9-19

{96:9} Have you seen the one who forbids

{96:10} A servant when he prays?

"A worshiper" is a better translation of عبدا than "servant".

{96:13} Have you seen if he denies and turns away -

{96:14} Does he not know that God sees?

{96:15} No! If he does not desist, We will surely drag him by the forelock -

The reference "he" here has switched from the worshiper to his persecutor and I think an explanatory note to so indicate is in order, e.g.,
{96:13} Have you seen if he (the persecutor) belies and turns away?

The translation of 96:15 is excellent!

{96:17} Then let him call his associates;

"So" would be ideal here more than "Then." Also, ناديه is best translated as "his club" IMHO. Picktall's translation of "henchmen" is great too and so is Yusuf Ali's "comrades."

{96:18} We will call the angels of Hell.

I'd translate الزبانية as the "wardens of Hell."

Author:  Linguistic [ 30 Aug 2021, 20:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Verses 96:9-19

I suggest,

{96:10} A worshiper when he prayed?

{96:11} Have you seen if he was upon guidance,

{96:12} Or enjoined piety?

{96:17} So, let him call his club;

{96:18} We will call the wardens (of Hell).

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